Friday, 14 September 2012

Grot play Butthole Surfers

Having posted a live track of Bloodloss playing Butthole Surfers (the song Mexican Caravan), I came across a recording (rehearsal room 2003) of Grot playing the Butthole Surfers song Cherub. Line up: Andrew Foley  vocals/guitar, Pat Moore guitar, Michael Tohl bass, Michael Grasel drums.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

High Speed Train Wreck.... featuring on keyboards, Michael Tohl!

Michael has got around to adding slinky funky lounge bar keyboards to two of the songs. If you like your music safari-suited, you might like this.
Operating Heavy Machinery

Rock on Brother - RIP Renestair EJ - Bloodloss play Butthole Surfers

Mexican Caravan
Friend and musical collaborator Renestair EJ sadly passed away recently. Ren and I played together in the Adelaide version of Bloodloss (late 80's - early 90's) for several years, and we spent a lot of time together at practices, gigs, studios and just generally hanging out, and we even shared a house together at one stage. There was never a nicer guy to hang out with, or a more inspiring musician to play with. Michael also knew Ren well and they did some lounge room recordings together.In recent years we have been in different parts of the world, but I am glad that not too long ago I went and saw his band Viva Las Deferens play, and we spent  a fair while sitting in the beer garden catching up and having a drink or two. To remember Ren, I have found a not-too-bad recording of Bloodloss playing the Butthole Surfers classic Mexican Caravan. Ren on guitar.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Twenty Second Sect video

The Twenty Second Sect once made a video of the song I'll Be Your Navigator, and it just got posted on You Tube. I think Greasy Pop records (aka Doug Thomas) paid for a film school student to do it, and it got played a few times on ABC late night music program Rage. Features Liz's dog Iggy, Doug's Holden Statesman (and Doug playing dodgy landlord) and the Old Queens Arms Hotel. Guessing this is around 1990.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Patrick's Hazy Moment

Here's a new project - Patrick's Hazy Moment. There is a Patrick, and he had a hazy moment, though a few years ago now.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Astronaut Hamburgers

Looking through old cassettes the other day I came across Astronaut Hamburgers, a short-lived project from the late '80s with Andy McQueen (Exploding White Mice) on bass, Martin Bland (Primevils) on guitar/vocals, Ren EJ (Bloodloss) on sax/guitar/vocals, and your truly on drums. It's unlikely that anyone would remember, as the band played one practice in Martin's flat, and one gig at (I think) the Royal Oak, before everyone was too busy with other musical stuff. I have picked out the three best-sounding songs and added them here. Sound is a bit rough, vocals are hard to hear.Weightlifting Lulu is a Residents cover. I made up the titles of the other two songs - will have to ask Martin one day!
Drive In Driving
Weightlifting Lulu
Right Now

Friday, 10 February 2012

Other Sites You Might Like

Did a bit of redesign and added a list of sites on the right of the page that you might like to look at.
One is Martin Bland's Randomized Control Trials. Martin was drummer and sometime guitarist/singer in Bloodloss and my favourite incarnation of the group was when we had two drummers. Mixers hated it, but the cool thing was that he was a left hander and me a right hander so we set up our kits on our natural angle looking at each other. He is a great songwriter, now living in Seatlle and doing stuff with Mudhoney's Mark Arm (see Monkeywrench), and has his own songwriting blog. Strange but cool.
Just discovered a Bloodloss facebook page - it's very cool!
Also you might like the site Violation. The person behind it contacted me regarding Septic Saw Blades recordings. It's a hardcore punk collector's spot. You might like that too!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Operating Heavy Machinery

Operating Heavy Machinery
We've been busy - a newly finished track. Kinda like love and machines. Michael's going to add some funky piano to this at some stage, so watch this space!

Friday, 13 January 2012


A new song - Michael on electric bass, Andrew on acoustic guitar. Enjoy the ride.