Monday, 12 March 2012

Astronaut Hamburgers

Looking through old cassettes the other day I came across Astronaut Hamburgers, a short-lived project from the late '80s with Andy McQueen (Exploding White Mice) on bass, Martin Bland (Primevils) on guitar/vocals, Ren EJ (Bloodloss) on sax/guitar/vocals, and your truly on drums. It's unlikely that anyone would remember, as the band played one practice in Martin's flat, and one gig at (I think) the Royal Oak, before everyone was too busy with other musical stuff. I have picked out the three best-sounding songs and added them here. Sound is a bit rough, vocals are hard to hear.Weightlifting Lulu is a Residents cover. I made up the titles of the other two songs - will have to ask Martin one day!
Drive In Driving
Weightlifting Lulu
Right Now