Friday, 23 December 2011

High Speed Train Wreck - An Audio Research Project

We like making music. Probably not your normal kind of music. We hope it's a bit strange, individual and spontaneous. We sometimes play in the alternative music scene in Adelaide, Australia, but we don't get out as much as we used to. So we put our music here, just in case you like it too.

We are;

Andrew Foley - guitars, drums, vocals
Michael Tohl - bass, keyboards

We'll mainly put our new stuff here, but in case you're interested, we'll post the odd selection of our past musical lives. Our vinyl releases have traversed the globe, though we've rarely made it out of the local bar back room.

Together, we used to play in;

The Twenty Second Sect - Guitar attack grunge rock outfit
Here's a Twenty Second Sect song Michael and I wrote. Liz Dealey on vocals. - Look Up Fall Down
Grot - Stoner rock from the dark depths of Adelaide
Here's a Grot song Michael wrote and sings as well. Just for a change Michael on guitar and me on bass. Pat on guitar and Michel on drums as well - they have a current band called Meat Tray (read more) in Adelaide.Married to My Cable TV 

Easy Action - Michael and I played rhythm section to Dave Mason (Primevils, Love Fever, Exploding White Mice) in this rock-steady three piece. A song Time to Kill.

Indiviudally we also used to play in;

Bloodloss - multifaceted jazz punk combo still in existence in Seatlle with Mudhoney's Mark Arm as a member. (Read more about Bloodloss). Here's a song I co-wrote. Sharron on vocals and Charley Tolnay of Grong Grong fame on guitar. - Red Sea
Blades of Love - leather-clad handsome hard rockers with a melodic edge

Septic Sawblades
Somebody asked me about the Septic Sawblades, so I have posted a couple of songs. This was 84-87 and my first real band, so I remember it fondly. High speed punk thrash, very Black Flag-influenced. While i don't listen to this kind of music much anymore, I would have to admit we had great fun at shows and they were crazy crowds (and times!). We did one decent studio session, which ended up on the Septic Solutions cassette, and one song on the Not So Lucky Country compilation. The two songs here are -
NASA (Needed another seven astronauts)

Anyway, we hope you like it, we'll keep adding stuff for you to listen to. All feedback welcome!

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